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Creative Ceramics Turn Guitar Amps into Art


In 2008 I relocated to North Carolina. I was jobless and living with my parents. My parents are pretty creative people, so after they retired, instead of golfing or extensively traveling, they decided that they where going to invest in a ceramic studio located in their residence. I had previous experience with ceramics and always thought that it was my best medium.

My choice to use ceramics for these objects is simple. I was inspired by the rich history of potters here in NC. Especially where my parents reside presently in Sherrills Ford in Catawba Co. Plus, I already knew how to work with ceramics.

It all started when I was hanging out at my buddies house, and he had a bunch of kids toys ripped apart where he would take the electronics and hook up 1/2 inch cables to them in order to get weird signals for recording. One of these projects had a speaker attached to it. I was floored. It got me to think about what kind of objects you could apply a speaker to. Then it hit me like a wave.

I thought look how ugly my practice amp looks on my end-table. I want to make something that looks cool, and that I can play without compromising the overall look of a room.

Each Piece varies widely in the time it took to make. The prototype took many hours. I added lots of hardware to attach the speaker and guts of the amp. The official first one (face jug) took many hours as well since there was a lot of aesthetic qualities that I added. The 2nd one with the wood took much longer since I crafted the wood that holds it up. The latest one only took 10 hours to make since I wanted a simple and clean design.