Potato printing has long been a favorite DIY stamping option for adults and kids alike, and it’s a fantastic family-friendly project for pretty much any holiday. If you’ve got a potato, some green paint, a little inspiration, you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in DIY style with some fun shamrock potato printing!


I loved carving potato stamps as a kid, and I love it even more as a grownup. It’s so versatile—with the right paint, I can print on just about anything, including paper, wrapping paper, t-shirts, napkins, tote bags, and fabric—and, to me, it’s way less stressful than carving expensive rubber blocks. Potatoes are cheap, and I know that my stamps will only last a day or so, so I find myself worrying less about the design details and concentrating more on the fun.

Ready to give potato printing a try? Check out this St. Patrick’s Day-inspired shamrock potato printing project from Amy at StowandTellU and get crafty today!