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Recycling pallets into other items, generally furniture of some kind, often yields interesting results. Combine this with “string art,” where string is hooked around nails to fill in an area, and you get something quite unique.

As shown on this imgur set, or in the gallery below, the setup for this project isn’t too complicated, but execution is likely tedious in some parts. The pallet was first disassembled, sanded and reassembled into a solid backing for the map. It was then varnished.

After the backing was assembled, a map of the world was drawn on 10 sheets of paper, tacked to the assembled boards. Nails were used to mark the perimeter of each the land mass. String was then looped around this perimeter, and the paper was removed from those marked sections. Finally, the land was filled in with more white string, hooked around the perimeter nails, making the map that you see above.

This reminds me of another map I wrote up recently, using stain to mark the land instead of string. As with this one, Antarctica is absent, but if you’re trying to use this to navigate, and somehow end up there by accident, you’re probably in trouble anyway. Maps aside, if you’re more interested in the “string” portion of this project, here’s another take on this art form, producing a geometric bear!

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