kinetic - asinas

Since she graduated in 2008 from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in the Hague, Jennifer Townley has been creating kinetic sculptures. Two of these amazing pieces are featured below.

The first sculpture, “Asinas,” was built in 2015. Looking at the video, it’s difficult to see where it starts and where it ends, gyrating in and out like something from the deep ocean. Although it appears organic and curved, when observed closely, the individual pieces seem to actually be rectangles arranged in an arc.

[vimeo 122177870 w=620]

The second sculpture, “Bussola” is from 2014. According to her website (where you can see even more of her creations), the sculpture is named after the Italian word for “compass,” and inspired by one of Leonardo da Vinci’s designs. According to Jennifer, “The skeleton-like structure seems to behave like a natural organism that slowly moves forward through space.”

The Asinas sculpture also has this characteristic slow, organic feel to it. Besides the movement, the color scheme is quite similar between the two – ivory white for the moving art pieces, and what appears to be stainless steel for the supports. The design of the piece is amazing, and the execution and finish of the completed piece is excellent as well.

[vimeo 93011435 w=620]

If you would like to build a kinetic piece like this, but would rather start small, why not check out this Lego Technic Strandbeest for inspiration?