Free Ticket To Ride: Illegal Metro Card Duplicator



If you live in an area where the metro or subway use tickets with magnetic strips, you may have already had this idea. Can these be copied? Well, this proof of concept says yes. The device called the ticketizer literally makes copies of metro tickets. Utilizing an audio amp, a card reader, and a card writer, you can swipe your ticket and make a copy. This would allow you to essentially ride for free for as long as that system used the code. Some systems refresh their code monthly, some never.

The practicality of how long this would last isn’t the point. The user doesn’t plan on releasing the plans because, hey, this is basically stealing. It sure is an interesting proof of concept though!


I intended to make it not documented so no one can do harm with it , It supposed to be a proof of concept for a security flow of a system the is still used in some countries. The thing is working fine , I have tested and shot a video but I didn’t release it for legal issues in my country .




3 thoughts on “Free Ticket To Ride: Illegal Metro Card Duplicator

  1. I think everybody has had this idea for the last 20 years. I know similar has been used to clone bank cards. It would be a miracle if there were not at least a few of these built in the wild and used by people who kept it quiet.
    What I love most is the ingenuity of the build. Cardboard. If it works, it’s not stupid.

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