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Exploring Laser-Cut Fashion at the Kent State Mini Maker Faire

DressTextile design is not limited anymore to your local fabric retailer. New tools in fashion themed maker spaces are allowing designers to manipulate fibers in interesting ways.

Fashion design student, Abby Steger, has taken her inspiration from the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Orchid Mania flower show to her dress design by rendering her interpretation of the flowers in watercolor and scanning them in preparation for digital textile printing. Each dress pattern piece was digitized and had the scanned image specifically placed within the piece. The pieces were printed and sewn allowing the hand drawn images to wrap across seam lines.


Laser cutting textiles was new to Abby. A quick high heat allowed her to create a geometric trim from polyester satin and accentuate her neckline and hem. The laser opens up textural possibilities in textiles not as easily produceable by hand.
Abby Steger and Model

Abby will be presenting her dress at the Kent State Mini Maker Faire on April 10, 2015 in the University Library.



The Kent State Mini Maker Faire will be held at the Kent State University Libarary on Friday, April 10th. Come and check it out! For more information on what will be at the event, check out our site.

Kevin Wolfgang

Kevin Wolfgang is the manager of the TechStyleLAB in The Fashion School at Kent State University and a costume designer by trade.

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