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Out of this World: Milling Meteorite Shoes from Aluminum Foam

meteorite-shoes-1Photo: Petr Krejci

If you’ve ever wondered how a meteorite might look after being turned into a pair of fashionable shoes, then you’re in luck, because the designers at Studio Swine have illustrated just such a scenario with this spectacular pair of Meteorite Shoes made from aluminum foam lined with soft Italian leather!

The shoes take the form of rocks that have fallen from space. Using 3D scanners to make 3D files of the rocks and CNC milling combined with traditional shoe making transformed the shapes into a pair of high heels.

Fortunately for us, Studio Swine has shared some fascinating images of the process of making these shoes, thanks to the good work of Caroline Williamson of Design Milk. Even though these shoes were made to be fashionable pieces inspired by recent advances in space exploration, they’re also a compelling example of how 3D scanning and CNC milling can transform the world around us using information from so far away!


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