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Skill Builder: 4 Useful Metal-Working Techniques

This project was commissioned to me by a local wedding decorator. My goal was to create a lightweight, portable, wrought iron sign that was elegant and complemented the wedding theme.

Here are 4 methods used in this video. It may take some practice, but ultimately, the final product is worth it.


1. The Tiger Twist

2. The Halo

3. The Bird Cage

4. The Logo

I would have to say one of the most difficult things in this project was matching the font that is specific to the company’s logo.

If I was to change or do anything different I would experiment with some brighter, more vibrant colors as it is difficult to make out some of the finer details due to the lightweight materials.

The finished result
The finished result
Luc St Pierre

I have been designing and making custom decor, furniture, signs and other Iron/wood works for over 10 years. After many years of developing my skills in fabricating, metallurgy and many other mediums I became a Journeyman.

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