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Delightful Drone Meetup Kicks Off New Issue of Make: Magazine
Build this project and more in Make: Vol. 44. Don't have the issue? Get yours today!
Read about drones and more in Make: Vol. 44. Don’t have the issue? Get yours today!

Make: Volume 44 hit newsstands Tuesday, March 24, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our drone-centric issue than hosting a meetup right here in San Francisco.

We welcomed about 200 guests to our Maker Media Lab at the Palace of Fine Arts for food, drinks, and the opportunity to talk about and explore all things drone. The buzz came to life with some amazing demos. We got to play with a variety of drones, and—thanks to our sponsor HP—we got to check out Sprout, their latest immersive computing platform, which has some incredible potential for drone prototype design.

Crowd of people gathered in the Maker Media Lab.
Crowded house at the Make: Magazine Volume 44 – Drones Kickoff Meetup!

Congratulations to Blake Mitchell, who triumphed in a nail-biting round of drone trivia and earned himself an Iris+ Multicopter from the Maker Shed, and also to the lucky winner of our raffle, who won her very own Sprout courtesy of HP! Check out the gallery to see how much fun we had, and be sure to join our Make: Magazine meetup group to be notified of our upcoming events.


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