Descend the stairs to find this enchanted movie replica of Elvish craftsmanship. This touch sensitive door leads not to the Mines of Moria but to a basement home movie theater. It fits evenly within the frame of the door and remains concealed in its dormant state until someone with secret knowledge awakens the door to reveal the same design as seen in the first Lord of the Rings movie; The Fellowship of the Ring.

This Elvish door led to the Dwarven Mines of Moria and would illuminate in moonlight,  only to open with the correct password.

Fans of the movie may remember Gandalf the wizard puzzling over the riddle of the door for hours.  This door lights up and opens with a touch, so it won’t keep Gandalf in the dark for long. It’s essentially a large shadow box, built with plywood, super bright LED strips, and 2 x 4 framing.

For more details and pictures check out this slide show.