Built from scratch, this electronic Teddy Bear will amaze and entertain children of all ages with its bright buttons and musical capabilities.

In an effort to learn 3-D modeling, Andreas Lindahl came up with this build he calls SpotiBear 1.0. A big part of the initial motivation for this tech toy came from a desire to better understand how to use the new 3-D printer at his office.

From there he moved through the complete spectrum of the design process; initial sketches to illustrator and on to modeling with Strata 3-D. He developed, printed, and tested prototype joints and then progressed to printing, sanding, priming, and painting before moving on to adding the electronics.

For the sound he added a speaker, buttons, and the electronics. The Bear is controlled using Raspberry Pi B+ to run Spotify through spopd. The buttons are coded with python script, and its lithium ion polymer battery is charged using micro usb. Check out the slideshow here.