E3D Lite6

In last week’s post, we saw a presentation from the E3D team as they talked about their hot ends at the Midwest RepRap Fest. Today, we are excited to announce that the team has released a new, extremely low cost hot end: the E3D Lite6.

The Lite6 features the same quality and support that users have grown to expect from E3D, but for only $32 (half the price of their other flagship model, the E3D V6). The team was able to bring the price down on the Lite6 by removing all of the more difficult machining that was required to make the all metal high temperature hot end, and replace it with a PTFE lined low temp hot end (good to 240ºC).

Of course, the team didn’t want to make this a throw away piece of equipment for when their customers decide they need the extra capabilities, so the Lite6 is part compatible with their other extruders and can be upgraded to a V6 or a Volcano.

Watch the video below to hear more from the always entertaining team of Sanjay and Josh.