Facebook joined the ranks of large companies betting on the Internet of the Things by launching an SDK for the internet of things under the banner of Parse, a mobile development platform it acquired in 2013.

“We believe that connecting more hardware devices with the cloud has the potential to change the world for the better,” wrote Parse founder James Yu in a recent blog post. “We are already seeing devices that add tremendous value to people’s lives, from wearables that help you sleep better to insulin trackers that aid people living with diabetes.”

Parse will enable makers to solve two long-standing problems with the IoT, according to Facebook: creating a harmonious collaboration between devices and IoT software, and allowing a future developer to use preexisting data streams from multiple apps or devices to forge a single service.

Customers are already coming on board to Parse, including connected garage door opener Chamberlain, a company that links smoke detectors together through a Wi-Fi battery called Roost, and fitness tracker outfit Milestone Sports.