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This post is coming to you live from the Saint-Malo Mini Maker Faire in France, being held all weekend at the Quai Duguay-Trouin.

I talk with Nolween Febvre and David Blouin from the Les P’tits Doudous at the University Hospital in Rennes about their project — named “Maker of Merit” at last year’s Paris Maker Faire — to provide a tablet-based game to assist children facing anaesthesia.

Nolween Febvre from the Les P'tits Doudous project at the University Hospital in Rennes
Nolween Febvre from the Les P’tits Doudous project at the University Hospital in Rennes.

Results from the project are excellent — heavily reducing the drug use before anaesthesia in their hospital — and they are now running a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to give the game to other hospitals, and have already reached their initial target of €55,000, which will allow them to help 15 other hospitals around France.

However in the closing days of the campaign their stretch goal is to help other hospitals in French-speaking countries —  like Switzerland and Belgium — but also hospitals in other parts of the world, such as the Channel Island of Jersey, and Quebec in Canada, where French is also spoken.


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