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Freeze Succa!

Freeze Succa!

If you would like an instant photograph, but would like it to be “extra low-res,” check out this Game Boy-based instant camera that artist Dmitry Morozov came up with. One note when using it, your subject should definitely be asked before being photographed, as it’s in the form of … a pistol!

Yes, this pistol, which appears to be plastic upon further inspection, holds the guts from a Game Boy, a Game Boy Camera, and a Game Boy Printer (yes, there is such a thing). A battery, some relays, and an Arduino were also used to get all of this hardware to work together.

The video below shows the “photo-gun” in action. I’m not sure what the use for this would be unless possibly you wanted to record your crimes in glorious 8-bit resolution. Possibly the evidence would be grainy enough that if brought into court, it could be contested. On the other hand, maybe Dmitry just likes to make zany inventions, like those found on his “works” page.

[vimeo 123103697 w=500 h=281]

On a related note, if you don’t have a Game Boy, and would like to have one with some very much expanded capabilities, check out this Raspberry Pi-based Gamegirl console. It looks like the original, but can run different software and has a rechargeable battery!

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