Electric Drill Provides Power For This Kid-Friendly Go-Kart

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Electric Drill Provides Power For This Kid-Friendly Go-Kart
Close up of drill

This clever, straightforward build is fun for both parent and child. YouTuber Daddy Handy shares his easy to build go-kart. It’s constructed with household items and parts from the hardware store. Parts range from a 2×4 chassis, a few small boards, hinges, zip ties, nuts, bolts, and an 18V power drill, and don’t forget a dad’s love for making great homemade toys for his child. Add the wheels from a wagon and you are off to the races.

The braking mechanism

The accelerator and brake use simple hinge and leverage. The steering mechanism uses eye hooks connected with a cord wrapped around the steering column. The rechargeable drill contacts directly to the rear knobby wagon tire and provides enough torque to propel the go-kart along sidewalks and driveways.

 Check out this video to watch it go! 


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