In the dark of night, one of the builders at UsaRCJets took the engine from a dead weed eater, parts from an old R/C banana boat plane, a 1′×2′ board and cobbled them together into this monstrous wacky hack. With no plans and only some beers to guide him, Billy D set to work making a 1′×2′ board fly. Over the course of three nights and about five hours of construction time, the creation came alive.

He drilled holes in the 1′×2′, and the vertical and horizontal stabilizers to make it lighter, and used a big wing and a 31cc Ryobi weed whacker gas engine. The engine is similar to the 1.20 to 1.60 glow plug engines commonly used in R/C aircrafts. It’s been powerful enough to haul this weed whacker on a stick into the sky for over eight crazy flights. Looks like Billy D will do anything to get out of a little yard work and spend more time making things, and we’re glad he did.

To watch his creation get off the ground, check out this video!