On Monday a new cloud-based, on-demand 3D printing company, called CloudDDM (Direct Digital Manufacturing), announced itself and its plan to open a facility in partnership with UPS.

CloudDDM will allow customers to use a browser-based design program to create parts, prototypes, even complete products that can then be printed in ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), Polycarbonate-ABS (PC-ABS), and ULTEM 1010, with several color options available. They even offer different post-processing services to add various finishes to your prints. I was unable to find anything about print resolution or cost details.

This announcement comes on the heels of UPS announcing last year that it would be offering 3D printing services in some of its retail locations. The CloudDDM facility will be located at UPS’ worldwide hub in Louisville, Kentucky.

The fully-automated CloudDDM factory will initially house 100 3D printers and require only three employees to run it (working in 1-person, 8-hour shifts). CloudDDM hopes to eventually expand to 1,000 printers. One of the advantages of placing the facility at the UPS hub is instant access to the company’s distribution infrastructure. When you place an order, if your print takes less than 4 hours, and the job is submitted by 6pm PT, you can have your components by the next day!

It will be really interesting to see where this goes and how small businesses utilize this service. Kudos to UPS for leveraging their core competencies in forging this strategic alliance with CloudDDM.

[Via 3DPrint.com]