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Kid Crafts: Perler Bead Doorknob Signs

Kid Crafts: Perler Bead Doorknob Signs

When I was a kid, I loved buying quirky doorknob signs whenever my school’s book fair came around. But, do you know what I would’ve loved even more? Making a custom perler bead doorknob sign of my own!

Kid Crafts: Perler Bead Doorknob Signs

Whether it’s initials, a favorite shape or animal, or a warning not to disturb, kids always like personalized signs that make their bedroom doors feel like entrances to their own private sanctuaries.

Have perler beads (also known as hama beads) in your craft stash? Spend the afternoon getting creative with your kids! Make a set of cool perler bead doorknob signs with this easy-to-follow tutorial, including a free moon and stars design template like the one shown in the photo above, from Helena at Craft & Creativity.


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