[youtube https://youtu.be/OGa4zmkIvA0]

We spoke to Eben Upton — the founder of Raspberry Pi — about the origins of the popular board, and how its success has let the Foundation do things that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do. Both with the hardware, but also in education.

Upton also spoke at length today about onshoring of the production of the Pi, bringing production back from China into the United Kingdom, where it’s now manufactured by Sony in South Wales.

We talked about how, when onshoring, the design of a product needs to be optimised for a environment where labor costs are high and automation costs are low. Products where the production process has been optimised for the low labour cost environment of Chinese manufacturing will obviously be more expensive to produce at home, work needs to be done to make the transition back onshore.

Finally we talked about the ubiquity of the Pi, and its upcoming trip to the International Space Station.