If hunting live game is not quite your cup of tea, but you’d still love to have a trendy head mount ornament for your wall, then this is the project for you!

This kitschy little sculpture is made using plastic melting beads, a.k.a Perler or Hama beads. They are a great kids crafting material that work so well with pixel based designs. The beads are arranged on special plastic trays and gently fused together with the heat from an iron. This deer head pattern is designed to be just a few inches tall , but I think in the context of being a cute decor item, it works quite well. I’m not sure how I would feel about a life sized plastic deer head in my house.


You can find the full how-to for this project over on the CBC Parents blog.

Faux taxidermy heads have become quite popular in the recent past. If you were lucky enough to attend the Bay Area Maker Faire last year, and wandered into the San Francisco Bazaar tent, you may have spotted one of the elusive Yeti’s created by Cody Williams, or Eva Devon’s Jackalope and other animals with skins made from old sweaters. These are two great examples of taking a soft and cuddly material and turning it into a bizarre and strangely enticing work of art.


Yetis & Friends by Cody Williams


Sweaty Taxidermy’s Jackalope by Eva Devon

Check out our interview with Eva at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014!