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How to Keep Your PLA Filament Airtight


Did you know that, because PLA filament is a bioplastic, it is susceptible to moisture? That moisture can attract dirt and dust and spool it right into your print head (or the filament can even expand and jam the head). Because of this, it’s a really good idea to keep PLA as airtight as possible.


As 3DPrint.com reports, Thingiverse user and 3D printing enthusiast, Stephen Hall responded to this storage challenge by creating an airtight filament deliver system which is little more than a plastic storage bin (he used the “Lock & Lock ‘Handy’ Rectangular 12ltr container from Amazon), some 5mm push fit connectors, and some 3D printed holders he designed for the connectors. You can see more details about the build and download the printable holders on Stephen’s Thingiverse page.


6 thoughts on “How to Keep Your PLA Filament Airtight

  1. Many other plastics are susceptible to moisture, and I don’t think they’re all considered bioplastics. That said, I think we need to see more of these. Though my bigger concern is with nylon.

    1. PLA is a bioplastic, that’s all they are talking about. Not ABS, just PLA, because it is corn based.

      1. Actual statement in article: “Did you know that, because PLA filament is a bioplastic, it is susceptible to moisture?”

        My point is, given that many non-bioplastics are also susceptible to moisture, the statement isn’t quite true.

        Also, there’s no need to only talk about this container just in view of PLA. It probably benefits every filament material.

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