Not all bikes come with fenders, but they can be really handy to have. Without a bike fender, driving through a puddle can be cringeworthy. Once your wheel hits that water, your back is bound to be showered in a disgusting mess, and don’t even think of going out biking when it is raining.

Fix this problem with one of these great bike fenders! You can go with cheap and easy or be adventures and go with more difficult and stylish.

wood bike fender

This wooden bike fender by Andrea Biffi might not be the easiest to make, but it will certainly give your bike style. These chic fenders are made with wood profiles. Biffi shows how to make both a front and back fender so you can go all out and make both or just make the one you really need.

metal fender

Those who want to take bike fenders to the next level are going to want to check out this awesome metal bike fender. Instructables user eggplanthunter came up with this handy metal fender that should last you quite a long time. Though he didn’t document the entire process with photos, he has provided a pretty thorough explanation of what he did and what you need to make one yourself.

upcycled rear fender

If you want to keep the costs way down, you can make this upcycled rear bike fender from a old plastic container. Stanislav Mnuhin designed an easy to make fender from things you can find around the house. The main piece is a plastic jug, but you can even substitute that if you don’t have any empty ones lying around.

upcycled front fender

Though you might not see them on bikes as often, here is a handy upcycled front bike fender that can ensure you avoid getting splattered by the front wheel. This project was also created by Andrea Biffi and is made with an used plastic jug. He made this for his mountain bike, but you can always adapt the design to work with whatever type of bike you have.

bike fender extender

If you already have a bike fender, but it’s just not doing enough, you can extend it with your own fender buddy flap. Adam Newman came up with this quick and easy fix when his rear fender wasn’t quite covering all the spray that was flying up on rainy days. With a few zip ties and an old plastic sign, you can have your fender updated in no time.