Sync 9.7 pictured. Via @Boogie_Board.

Sync 9.7 pictured. Via @Boogie_Board.

The National Maker Faire is today and tomorrow in the nation’s capital on the University of the District of Columbia campus. Longtime Make: contributor Marc de Vinck stopped by the Boogie Board booth to view some new products they were demoing.

These include a new “high-contrast” tablet similar to previous products that also includes app functionality for pairing with your smartphone, and a really intriguing product, the Play N’ Trace, which has a translucent screen that allows the user to trace whatever is behind it.


Both Boogie Board products are due out later this year.

Watch the video below to see them both in action or stop by their booth if you’re in town for the first annual National Maker Faire. Don’t forget to check out their website for more information.