Geekbus 8.13-5

Geekbus is San Antonio’s mobile, 21st century innovation station. It’s a moving Makerspace inspired by garages, dorm rooms, and incubators of innovation, where businesses like Microsoft, IBM, and Facebook were first built. Teachers, parents, and industry leaders are excited because Geekbus students are having fun making things with digital design, by programing their own video games, and building robots while they are learning the skills of the future economy.

Geekbus is the community outreach arm directed by Sastemic , a non-profit organization connecting professionals, educators, industry, and the community. The Geekbus project is designed to aid schools in promoting STEM studies, provide students with diverse learning experiences, and teach skills directly relevant to jobs in the tech industry. The seven STEM programs are for grades as early as kindergarten and provide classes for students all the way through high school:

  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Video Game Design
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Software Engineering

This program supports both STEM education and the local community while being supported by and collaborating with industry and local business. It’s a non-profit approach to creating a win-win-win upward spiral that’s good for the students, the local community, and the national economy.

Geekbus has gathered data showing the potential to positively impact the community. In 2014 they worked with 7,373 students and educators and reached 13,164 Austin residents in 144 programs, according to their impact report . This scale of engagement in the Texas capitol city spans a wide open range from personal empowerment of their students to enriching the community with modern technical education.

This mobile, lab/classroom/creative learning center is leading by example and demonstrating how to improve the U.S. economy through innovation. They can travel directly to schools during the school year and in an effort to prevent summer brain slide they offer a summer Maker’s Camp. In last year’s camp, Geekbus reported that 276 students participated with 84% supported by scholarship.

Geekbus provides access to an awesome experience for students where they can explore while developing new skills and new opportunities. Geekbus leads the way, driving a cultural shift toward merging education, economy, and industry with hands-on technical, creative knowhow.


The Geekbus and much more can be found at the Austin Mini Maker Faire. Go to their site to find out more about when you can attend!