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Learning Physics with Hot Wheels at National Maker Faire


The Hot Wheels booth at the National Maker Faire is action-packed with car building, car coloring, and car racing. Bringing a full compliment of wheeled racers and stunt tracks, the Hot Wheels team has captured the excitement and fun of the event for all attendees.

Alongside the racing, the Hot Wheels team is promoting their new foundation called Speedometry, a STEM curriculum for teaching physics through the tiny cars and tracks. The program is a partnership with the University of Southern California and the Mattel Childrens’ Foundation, and is totally free.

Learn more about the National Maker Faire here!

6 thoughts on “Learning Physics with Hot Wheels at National Maker Faire

  1. I saw the Hot Wheels booth at the National Makers Faire this weekend. I was HORRIFIED it appeared that Mattel was simply using the Maker Faire to hock their toys. The booth appeared to be all play and no learning. There was nothing demonstrating how these toys would be used as TEACHING tools.

    Today I watched the teachers’ material on YouTube and I am very impressed with the program as a teaching tool.

    Mattel should really consider reviewing HOW they are presenting this program at their booth. Take away a few of the ‘play’ tracks and set up and present a data collection ramp or two and show people what the program does.

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