Siberian artist Igor Verniy creates explicitly detailed steampunk sculptures of animals, from birds to bugs to puffer fish.

Verniy has been crafting since he was a young boy, starting with small wooden toys and returning as an adult to work with metal, which he uses to create textures that bring to mind realistic attributes of the animal, from tattered bat wings to flexible octopus tentacles.

The poseable sculptures are created from scrap metal like silverware, spare watch parts, electronics, car and bike parts, and more that he collects from the market, or that his friends bring him. Their sizes vary, with the largest stretching more than 3 feet and weighing almost 20 pounds. Although the sculptures aren’t currently robotic, Verniy dreams of bringing them to life. “A live metal android with artificial intelligence is my highest dream,” says Verniy. “And I will never stop until he appears.”