Hot on the heels of Arduino’s announcement of a manufacturing partnership with Adafruit, and the creation of the Genuino brand, at Maker Faire Bay Area last month. Today at Maker Faire Shenzhen Massimo Banzi and Eric Pan announced a partnership with SeeedStudio to produce Arduino boards using the new Genuino brand in China and other Asian markets.

The announcement also gives us our first look at the Genuino branded boards, which appear to be identical to the traditional Arduino branded boards — the only obvious being that they are a slightly different colour of teal. Interestingly the silkscreen on the new Genuino Micro board notes that it was “co-designed with Adafruit.”

“Arduino is very popular in China but the brand is used heavily without permission. Genuino allows the market to clearly identify which products are contributing to the Open Source Hardware process.” — Eric Pan, SeeedStudio

With the first Arduino to be manufactured in the US already rolled off the production line, and full scale production ready to start in July, the new partnership with SeeedStudio should strengthen Arduino LLC’s position in the ongoing legal trouble with Arduino Srl.

The Genuino boards produced by SeeedStudino will be sold on Seeed’s store on Taobao.