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A Nation of Makers: Our Photos from National Maker Faire
Photos from National Maker Faire photographer Gordon.

The first annual National Maker Faire was a unique, yet comfortingly familiar, event hosted at the University of the District of Columbia in our nation’s capital. Yes, there were the ever-popular 3D printing projects, robots galore, arts, crafts, and lots of science and engineering based displays, but there were also so many new things to see and experience including advancements in prosthetics and home automation, to 3D printed cars and local Makerspaces.

The event was a perfect beginning to the “Week of Making” as declared by the White House this week. If you weren’t able to attend the National Maker Faire this year, be sure to check out World Maker Faire in NYC this September, or any one of the 100’s of Mini Maker Faires that are help throughout the world!

Take a look at the slideshow below to see just a sample of what was on display at the National Maker Faire this year.