Make a Floating Pool Noodle Beverage Boat

Have a plastic tub and a pool noodle? Your day at the beach/pool/lake just got a whole lot better with this floating pool noodle beverage boat!

Make a Floating Pool Noodle Beverage Boat

The problem with open water? Nowhere to put that much-needed beverage. The solution: Build your booze (and soda and juice) a boat! (Obviously.)

Planning a lazy day at the pool and don’t fancy having to get out to grab a soda or a beer? Or maybe you just want a great novelty item to amuse your party guests. The simple solution is to create a fun beverage boat using a pool noodle and large plastic container for added buoyancy. Then you can watch those drinks bobbing by!

Float on, and have your drinks float with you with this easy-to-follow pool noodle beverage boat tutorial shared on wikiHow.

After all, it’s very important to always stay hydrated when you’re hard at work relaxing!