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LED Fireworks and 6 More Fun Projects for July 4th

July 4th is almost here and after you get fireworks and all the supplies you need for an awesome BBQ, make sure you put together one of these awesome projects so you can celebrate in style!

July 4th Garland

4th of July 4th garland2 You can’t not decorate for your party. This July 4th garland is a pretty easy decoration to whip together that will look great both inside and out. The supplies needed are pretty basic and if you really need to make this last minute, swap out the paint for markers and you’ll be good to go!

Soda Bottle Rocket LED Fireworks

led fireworks

Have some fun outside with these great LED fireworks. These great fireworks have all the excitement and surprise without the risks. Light up the sky with these fun rockets and have a blast this July 4th.

Hydrogen-Oxygen Bottle Rocket

bottle rockets.jg

Take things up a notch with these awesome bottle rockets powered by gases. This great tutorial will show you how to use electricity to split water in to hydrogen and oxygen. This explosive mixture will then power a two-stage-electronically timed rocket. Have a great time and learn something along the way.

Stick Bombs (Exploding Kinetic Art)


If you want to entertain young kids while keeping them away from fire, show them these great stick bombs. Check out all the ways you can configure these sticks to make a fun exploding performance.

Grill Up a Good Time!

Yakitori Grill


If you can find the time before your July 4th celebration, check out this Yakitori grill and get ready for your party! Even if you don’t find the time now, the summer is just starting and there’ll be plenty more opportunities to grill.

Grilled Balsamic Basil Flank Steak


Once you make your grill, or fire up the one you already have, it will be time to start cooking! Instead of just doing hotdogs and burgers, grill up some balsamic basil flank steaks and really impress your family and friends.

DIY Sriracha “Rooster” Sauce


Spice up your party and your food with this great homemade Sriracha sauce! Just have it on the side or grill up some Sriracha hot wings.

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