Skill Builder: How to Use Vacuum Gauges

exploded gauge2

When you’re working with projects involving vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges will show you the pressure in the chamber being evacuated. There are many different approaches to measuring the pressure in a vacuum, but we’ll focus on one of the most common, called the Bourdon pressure gauge.

At the heart of the Bourdon gauge is a C-shaped flattened tube that is connected to the chamber being evacuated. The removal of the air in the tube causes the tube to bend slightly, which moves a mechanism attached to the end of the tube. This mechanism amplifies and converts the bending motion into rotation, moving the pressure dial to indicate the pressure in the tube.


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  1. Although the chart is informative, it’s misleading. The main problem is that the “zero” value is placed incorrectly on the chart. If you absolutely needed to put a zero on the chart (which really isn’t needed), it should go to the extreme left of the x-axis. This is because a true zero (absolute) vacuum, which doesn’t exist, is lower than ANY other value shown on the chart.

    1. Good catch! I’ll fix that mistake and re-upload the image. Thanks for letting us know!

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