A Maker based in Eugene, Oregon is offering up his hand-built “fossilized” T-Rex bicycle on Craigslist. Sue, as he calls her, is 8½’ tall, 12′ long, and recumbent.

Her Maker, explains the poster, is not a fan of celebrity and celebrity is what you get when you ride on an 8½-foot-tall T-Rex skeleton art bike. “She’s a bit difficult to handle, but she’s never attacked anyone in the crowds that form whenever I take her out of the warehouse where she lives,” writes the maker.


The bike is made from Chromoly steel, textured paint, and foam, and needs frequent upkeep due to the delicate nature of the material. Like Miss Tickle, Sue is a marionette with a head controlled by wires that run to the handlebars. (The handlebars themselves take the form of a bridle and the arms can also be moved to offer a realistic performance.)

Sue is not the first dinosaur bike we’ve seen; she joins the ranks of Markus Moestue’s Norwegian dinosaur bike and an unknown Stegosaurus from the Bristol Cycle Festival in 2013.

Sue, of course, is the name of the famous T-Rex from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. In addition to being the most well-preserved T-Rex ever found, Sue featured in a massive legal battle over ownership that involved government seizure and even jail time for the guy who dug her up. Hopefully, no such fracas will ensue from the sale of the Eugene, Oregon version of Sue.


(via Laughing Squid)

Here’s a peak at the ad from Craigslist in case someone snatches it up and the ad comes down. What do you think of this one-of-a-kind bike? Is it something you would ride around town in?

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