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Call for Makers: Come Teach or Speak at Maker Media Lab


Do you have a story to tell to Makers, or a project or skill to teach? Would you like to tell it live at one of the most iconic Maker buildings in San Francisco? Now you can at the (relatively) new Maker Media Lab!

Our new project lab is in San Francisco, at the Palace of Fine arts, the original location of the Exploratorium hands-on science museum (it moved to a pier on the waterfront in 2013).

The Maker Media Lab is a great place to build and to teach, so we’re launching two great speaker programs to connect Makers to Makers.


The first is “Make: The Speaker Series.” This will be where Makers talk about their passions, connect with their community, and inspire other Makers.


The second is our “Make: Workshop” series, where Makers can teach a class to eager learners. Instructors and speakers can choose times throughout the week and weekends to teach or discuss topics that most interest them.

If you want to share your project, idea, or story with our local community, get in touch! We’ll help find a time that works, send out the word, and work with you to organize a great event to highlight your skills.

We hope to see you in front of an audience of eager Makers at the Maker Media Lab!

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