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CNC Your Own Star Wars AT-AT
DIY AT-AT Storage Box
Photos by Erivelton.

I already have one too many Star Wars AT-AT toys around my home and my wife probably wouldn’t be too keen on me adding another. To me the dog-sized Imperial Walkers are like pets, but to her it’s just a reminder that she’s living with a man-child.

But thanks to Instructables member Erivelton, I think I’ve found the perfect Star Wars home decor compromise.

Photo by Erivelton.

Behold the AT-ATrinket — a functional AT-AT-shaped box to hold plants, office supplies, or little odds and ends. From the side, it looks like everyone’s favorite Imperial Walker, but from the top it’s a useful series of cubbies to store stuff.

Best of all, Erivelton made the whole thing from inexpensive sheets of thin MDF, cleverly engineered to slip, glue, and fasten together.

Photo by Erivelton.

Photo by Erivelton.

For those of you lucky enough to have access to a CNC router table or laser cutter, you can download the DXF file to get all the parts laid out and ready to cut.

If you end up making this, I’d love to see it. Tweet me a photo and I’ll share it with all the Star Wars fans in the office (basically all of us).

10 thoughts on “CNC Your Own Star Wars AT-AT

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