purple-rainstickThe fantastic projects you made for Maker Camp’s Fantasy week were out-of-this-world! Now it’s time to blow the roof off the cabin. Let’s make some noise!

Gotta move on through Funkytown, where we make our own unique instruments and then jam, bam, and slam our way to the Battle of the Bands at the end of the week!

Build our preferred, playable and playful projects or anything you want to perform…just as long as you keep “groovin’ with some energy” by posting every project you make to the Maker Camp Community.

Start the week off right by making a rainstick—or, even better, a Purple Rainstick. End the week on a high note with a fantastic field trip to visit the emperors of nonsense robotorock, our favorite makers of instruments (and toys!) of mass whimsy, Maywa Denki.