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Adorable Automated Turret Launches Rubber Band Barrage

Looking like it would fit in perfectly in the smash hit game Portal, this little turret can launch a barrage of rubber bands on command. Designed by Kevin Thomas, this perky little gatling gun is mostly 3D printed, with an Arduino for a brain. You can download the 3D printed files on Thomas’ Thingiverse page if you’d like to assemble one of your own. The simple firing mechanism, essentially just a piece of string being unraveled from the barrel, allows this little sentry gun to fire its full 24 round capacity in a very short amount of time.

Check it out in action.

The software Thomas is using for control is taken from Project Sentry, an open source system for creating autonomous sentry turrets. This means that with only a few added pieces, this little sucker could be put into full auto mode allowing for motion tracking and even tracking of specific colors.

The unique firing mechanism that Thomas uses was actually derived from another recent rubber band blaster on Thingiverse. This one is lacking in any kind of autonomy but has the added advantage of being handheld and portable. Office warfare will never be the same.

These clever designers should join forces to design a rubber band collecting robot to clean up after their elastic battles!

[via 3DPrint]


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