Back-To-School Fashion: Sew a Pleated Linen Skirt

Send your little gals back to school with some crisp and clean DIY style. Sew up a few pretty pleated linen skirts, and get creative with the fabric to add a modern twist to a classic look!

Back-To-School Fashion: Sew a Pleated Linen Skirt

A pleated skirt is a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style, and using linen fabric gives it a lightweight, airy feel that’s perfect for those first few warm and sunny weeks back in the classroom.

“Breezy” is a good way to describe this entire project. I don’t mean that it’s super easy (it’s more of an advanced beginner/ intermediate project), but rather that every step, from pleating to sewing in the invisible zipper (which is NOT HARD…I swear!), is much simpler than I expected. Plus, the resulting Pleated Skirt is airy, light, and beautiful. It’s a wonderful (and breezy) summer sew!

Ready to start stitching?

Check out this easy-to-follow pleated linen skirt tutorial from Molly’s Sketchbook on The Purl Bee to see how it’s done.