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NASA Releases 3D Printable Files for Pint-Sized Curiosity Mars Rover


Curiosity might just be our favorite Martian robot. NASA knows that we just can’t get enough of the plucky robot, so they’ve given us another way to enjoy it. This week, they’ve released files to 3D print your very own Curiosity rover.

NASA has really improved on the 3D printable files that they offer. This set includes both simple and complex versions to accommodate those who want an easy print and those who want to get down into the nitty-gritty. There are tabs on the models to help with bed adhesion and the whole thing appears to be tested for printing.

Here are previews of the complex models, nicely arranged for easy printing. If you want, you can actually load each piece individually for printing at a larger scale.

The simpler model is much easier to assemble with only 8 unique items (some print multiple times, like the wheels).


This is only the latest in the 3D printable models that NASA has been releasing. They’ve been showing solid and consistent improvements in printability since their first releases. You can find all of the files they release here.

DSC03200 (Medium)
Curiosity rover printed by Caleb Kraft

If you download anything and run into issues, please be sure to supply feedback so that they can keep improving the files. Of course, if you had a great experience, they might like to hear that too!

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