When Randy Slavey’s Son asked for his room to be “Portal Themed” for his thirteenth birthday, he had no way to know just how far his parents would go. The Slavey’s went absolutely, wonderfully, overboard and created what may possibly be the most intensely video game themed bedroom ever.

The game portal is comprised of multitudes of test chambers that all have a very iconic visual feel. To recreate this, Slavey had to gut the room and start from scratch. This involved demolition from the last time he built a total themed room for his son, well before the kid was born. He painted the walls, changed the lighting, added wall decals and build accessories to bring it all together.

There are a few things that you can buy, such as the wall decal of the turret from the game and the multitudes of “companion cubes” available, but other items had to be made. The portals themselves, for instance were made from an orange (or blue) LED rope light and a mirror. Such a simple construction results in an astonishingly convincing effect. These portals look as though they were pulled right out of the game.

Other items, like the little dots on the walls that you follow within the game for directions, hints, and clues, had to be painstakingly hand painted. Each little dot you see in these pictures was painted individually. There are 255 of them in this room.


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