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Ahmed and His Family Speak: “Go for it, Don’t Change Who You Are”

Video courtesy of ABC Breaking News

Ahmed Mohamed’s family held a press conference this afternoon to address yesterday’s events in which Ahmed, 14, brought a homemade digital clock to school and was promptly arrested for the device on suspicion that it might actually be a bomb.

Ahmed’s family Tweeted a picture of themselves going to see their lawyer this morning, although the Irving Police Department later issued a media release that they are dropping the charges for which Ahmed was arrested.

During the conference, Ahmed stated, “It was really sad that [my teacher] took the wrong impression of it,” but with a smile, he said “It didn’t bother me that they didn’t apologize. I know that with all the supporters I have, that apology has already been made by all my supporters.”

When asked if he will accept President Obama’s invitation to come to the White House, Ahmed’s “yes” was met with cheering. In response to the attention from Obama, Clinton, Zuckerberg, and other high profile public figures, Ahmed said that he “is pleased that they’re part of the action and the movement… not just with me but around the entire globe.”

This morning, social media exploded with the trending hashtag #IStandWithAhmed (currently at 833,000 Tweets and climbing), prompted by the arrest and suspension of Ahmed. “Thank you to all my supporters on Twitter, Facebook, all social media, thank you all for helping me,” he said. The support “felt really outstanding. I never thought I’d get this far, but since I have… I’ll try my best not just to help me, but to help every other kid in the entire world who has a problem like this.”

To other kids who might feel discouraged from pursuing their passions, Ahmed advised to “Go for it! Don’t let people change who you are, even if you get a consequence for it… show it to people, you need to show them your talent.”

Make: admires Ahmed’s grit and poise in representing all Makers. We are pleased to extend an invitation to Ahmed and his family to attend the World Maker Faire in New York on September 26 and 27, as our guests.

Ahmed is still suspended from school until Thursday. He is planning on transferring out of MacArthur High School and hopes to eventually attend MIT.


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