Makerspaces are popping up everywhere and each one has a tendency to appeal to a certain demographic. Sure, we’re all makers, but some locations appeal more to the makers that want to get dirty with rust and welding, others appeal more to the electronics hackers and code gurus. This makerspace is for medical professionals.

Jose Gomez-Marques announced that the first medical makerspace has been opened, encouraging making and fostering innovation with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Located at UTMB Health in Texas, the makerspace will have tools available to the hospital staff allowing them to print, cut, and mill on site. Hospital staff are currently allowed to come in and work on the tools, but the goal is to also allow patients to have access as well.

Last year Gomez-Marquez shared with us the story of the first maker faire in a hospital where we saw that the ability to create your own tools is highly valued among hospital employees.  These individuals are experiencing frustrations and finding areas where a little maker ingenuity goes a long way, and a makerspace is a perfect outlet for that.


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