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Print in Braille, and Other 3D Printing Announcements from World Maker Faire

The World Maker Faire in New York is one of the largest displays of 3D printing and fabrication, with a rich history of high-profile product launches. As the 2015 Faire kicks off this year at the New York Hall of Science, here are some of the new developments in fabrication rolling out here:

MatterHackers Updates MatterControl

A preview of MatterControl's cloud storage system
A preview of MatterControl’s cloud storage system

Maker Faire New York will be the first public showing of MatterControl 1.4, a major update to MatterHackers‘ free, open source app for organizing and managing 3D prints. Version 1.4, shown above, will be the first one users can control via a web interface; it will also debut a cloud storage system, X3G support, and a tool for transcribing — and printing — Braille lettering.

“We have this friend of the business,” said MatterHackers CEO Lars Brubaker, regarding the company’s work with accessibility. “She has a degenerative disease where her hands get harder to use over time. So we designed a number of tools that make it easier for her to do various things in her house.”

ShopBot Preps Handibot Consumer Version Control System


ShopBot is showing off the new motion control system that will control its small-footprint Handibot CNC machine from a range of devices.

“It’s focusing on how you can run the tool from your phone or tablet or any kind of device,” said ShopBot’s Bill Young.

The upcoming consumer version of Handibot will also be on display, and half of ShopBot’s booth will be dedicated to a display in which visitors can choose from six designs that will be cut for them on the spot.

XYZPrinting Launches da Vinci Pro


XYZprinting is launching the da Vinci Pro, an aluminum bed 3D printer with flexible temperature controls, Wi-Fi, and what they say is an intuitive calibration system.

“This new printer will allow users to use their choice of filaments as well as their preferences on print settings such as temperature, speed, [and] retraction,” said XYZprinting’s Frank Peng.

The da Vinci Pro will support an optional add-on laser engraving head.

Lulzbot Introduces Recycled Filament


Aleph Objects, the maker of the acclaimed LulzBot printer, will release Cura LulzBot Edition v17. Cura is a free, open source software package for preparing 3D prints.

The three new features in Cura V17 — shown in the screenshot above — are quick print profiles for 20 materials out of box, categorization of each material by ease of use, and conditional cues for bed preparation, according to the company.

Aleph Objects is also working on a 100% recycled PET filament called B-PET.


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