P1000124 (Medium)

The Lumiphonic Creature Choir is an odd and fun experience. These disembodied floating heads are located at the end of twisty stalks roughly 20 feet long. The heads are programmed to respond to a keyboard. When you press its associated key, each head will wake up and speak, beatbox, or even sing.

Created by a group called Synarcade, the Lumiphonic Creature Choir is a project that has taken several years of development. Future plans include growing it to be a much bigger installation.

P1000131 (Medium)

It was fun watching as people interacted with this keyboard. Some would play the heads like a musical instrument, while others would methodically press each key, waiting to hear all that each head had to say. At Maker Faire, the heads appeared to have a few different presets, one of which prompted the heads to explain “If I was a disembodied head, I would miss…” It was a thoughtful, humanistic experience that left attendees asking the same question.