Mari Michaelis, programmer, web designer, graphic artist, and self-professed “paperphile,” maintains a wonderful origami site, called Marigami Origami. On it, she includes a page for a folding project called Mantler’s Bat. This medium skill-level fold was created by origami artist Andrea Mantler. On her site, Michaelis has a link to the PDF instructions for the project and a video that she did (below) showing the fold, step-by-step.


This looks like a rather difficult build and I don’t know that I’d want to fold a lot of them (if I could even successfully manage one). But if you have the patience (and maybe a few press-ganged friends), you could certainly make an impressive contribution to the Halloween spirit with these lovely papercraft blood suckers.

You can find the project page on Marigami Origami here. And be sure to look at some of the other impressive projects in her Origami Diagrams archive.

[Thanks to Make: pal Kent Barnes for the link.]