Our pal Jimmy “RoboMaker” DiResta has struck again. In honor of National American Beer Day yesterday (who knew?), Jimmy posted a video of him turning ten old tools from his shop into bottle openers.

Rifling through the crammed and cluttered drawers of his shop, he grabs old, forgotten tools and quickly cuts, bends, grinds, and sands them into different takes on the old-fashioned press and pry bottle opener. It’s DiResta riffing on a design idea. Jamming on tools. Workshop improv.

Here are the ten openers that he made. See the video below to find out how he went about making them and how well they appear to work.

Jimmy posts a video here on Make: every other Thursday. His YouTube playlist is here. He also does a video series, called DiResta’s Cut, the first week of every month for the design site Core77. You can find their YT channel here. And be sure to check out Jimmy’s own YouTube channel. If you ask me, this all counts as must-see Maker TV.