Rich McCor, aka Paperboyo, is a British artist/photographer who uses paper cut-outs to augment his resulting photographs. So much of art is about tweaking people’s everyday perceptions, getting them to see the world in a new way. Paperboyo’s photography does this in the most delightful way. Encounter these images and you likely find yourself looking at the world around you, thinking about how you might use this kind of forced perspective and construction paper to create some new composite reality of your own.


Paperboyo got the idea for these augmented photos when he decided to turn Big Ben into a wristwatch. He tells Mashable:

“By combining photography with my paper-cutting skills I came up with the idea of turning Big Ben into a wristwatch,” he explained. “After that I started looking at the landmarks and architecture around me in a different way, and I kept on taking photos.”


One of the fun things about Paperboyo’s work is that he travels the world and uses iconic landmarks as his ground. This helps create another level of humor and delight in his work and a sense that the entire planet is his canvas.


On how he gets inspired, he writes:

“Sometimes ideas come to me instantly and other times I don’t think of them until they’ve been playing around in my subconscious,” he said. “When I get to the location, it usually takes me about 15 minutes to get the shot exactly how I want it.”

He also has found himself inspired on the spot and made papercuts right there in the field.


Paperboyo has built a loyal Instagram fanbase, with currently over 70,0000 followers. Given the growing interest, he’s even thinking about launching a crowfunding campaign to sell some of his papercuts and prints/posters of his photographs.


The best way to stay abreast of McCor’s work is to follow him on Instagram. His account is @paperboyo. I love that he uses his IG profile to tell you where he’s traveling to next. Next stop? Malta.