DiResta: Package Design


I teach at the NYC School of Visual Arts, and each year I give a lesson in package construction design. This is the design of the box or package itself, not the graphics. There are several factors that must be decided when designing a package. Most importantly is the die cut line (AKA die line).

In this video, using Adobe Illustrator I lay out all the sides and rearrange them until I find the best arrangement of the six sides or the die line. There are several sizes of corrugation known as “flutes,” ranging from A (5mm) to G (0.5mm). For this project, I am using a 1.6mm-thick E-Flute board. If you use a corrugated board, chose the thickness scaled to your box. If you are making a smallish box, use a chip board. To achieve a perfect box, you may have to make several samples until you have the perfect die line for your project. Enjoy!