If you’ve spent much time among those involved in agriculture, chances are you’ve seen some pretty ingenious homemade contraptions. In many cases, these minor inventions are a matter of repairing something, but in other instances, like this “4-Gang Seed Sower,” it’s something new altogether.


Certainly there have been mechanical apparatuses for seeding land for a long, long time, but this is the first design that I know of that is made out of a plastic funnel. Inside of this seed-bearing funnel is a shaft that allows it to rotate when pulled in a sledge (AKA “sleigh”) assembly. Inside of this funnel-container are two round pieces of plywood. The first has holes drilled in such a way that the number of seeds that drop out when rotated are limited. The other piece of plywood keeps the seeds controlled when they drop. Four of these are stacked together to allow for faster seed dispersion than a single-funnel design.


In addition to showing off this clever mechanism, the video displays a wide variety of construction techniques that could be quite useful. The table saw setup to make round pieces around 0:30 is one I will have to remember, as well as the PVC bending technique using a heat gun seen around 3:30. Definitely use your own judgement with any new construction method!


On another note, I enjoyed the nice-looking dogs and horse in the video, although the number of rocks they have to deal with on their land would be frustrating! Of course, their videos about “what happens here on our little piece of land in the west of Ireland” wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if there weren’t some obstacles to overcome.