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Geek Out with Adam Savage Over The Martian’s Space Suit

I love watching someone truly geek out about something. The excitement and joy that you can see in Adam Savage as he opens this crate are almost tangible. I’m excited for him and I’m not even there!

In this case he’s inspecting the high quality costume of the space suit used in the motion picture The Martian. As you may be aware, Savage is an aficionado of costume space suits, so he speaks with authority on the subject, though that doesn’t stop him from giggling with glee during the reveal.

As Savage points out, FBFX built this suit completely from scratch for the movie. This isn’t created from off-the-shelf parts in order to achieve a generic space suit look. Rather each piece is sculpted and molded to conform with the aesthetic created by Janty Yates  for the cinematic universe.

Savages goal with this suit, and the reason he has it, is to inspect it in detail in order to create a full reproduction. He’ll measure, photograph, and document as much as he can so that he can make his own exact duplicate costume. Of course, they’ll publish videos of that process, so watch for those. I know I will.


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